Serve with Excellence

The private equity clients and executives we work with expect the best, and we hold ourselves to that standard. We work on high-stakes projects with tight deadlines. Our clients trust us with their most sensitive needs and confidential deal situations, so we sweat the details and take pride in delivering unwaveringly high-quality work.

EQ/IQ Balance

Many people are intellectually strong but lack emotional intelligence, or vice-versa.  To succeed at Notch our people need to tap into both sides of intelligence simultaneously. As a client service-focused firm focused on top talent, it’s imperative that we build trust quickly while demonstrating credibility through command of complex subjects.

Love the Hunt

Curious. Tenacious. Driven. Resourceful. Notch employees love to learn, and we love to win. We don’t give up when the answers to our clients’ needs are elusive.

Thrive on Challenge

The private equity world is fast-paced, and everyone at Notch – from Associate to CEO – accepts tremendous responsibility. We each wear many different hats and juggle a variety of projects at any given time. We take a disciplined approach as we  strive to be solutions-oriented and accountable for our clients’ success.

Team First

There is no such thing as “succeeding alone” at Notch. We recognize that our most valuable resource is the people we work with. We drive each other to new heights, and we offer support during challenging times. We prefer to collaborate, and we seek to set a great example for our colleagues in all we do.

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