Industry Networking

A dynamic roster of industry-leading executives enhancing sector insight and supplementing deal flow

Partnerships with respected, well-networked executives provide Notch clients with access to companies and management teams they could not to reach alone; thought leaders whose experience adds certainty in investment committee meetings; and board and C-Suite talent to ensure investment success.

Case Study: Industry Networking

Corporate Training and Online Education


Lower middle-market sponsor with 50 years’ experience partnering with executives to identify, acquire, and build businesses


Former CEO and CFO of educational publishing and training companies, with a track record of successful digital/online transformation


Over a six-month period, Notch worked closely with our client to strengthen their understanding of the training and compliance industry. Notch introduced several executives with experience relevant to a specific deal they pursued, but which ultimately traded to a different sponsor. Notch continued to source executives with relevant experience, ultimately introducing them to an executive who had spent the past 15 years in CFO and CEO roles for public and PE-backed education, corporate training, and test prep businesses. Our client and executive spent the next several months mapping the market, narrowing in on an investment thesis in industrial training and education, and cultivating a list of potential targets.


Notch’s client and the executive worked together to acquire two platform companies: an online industrial skills training company (sourced by the executive and acquired via a proprietary transaction) and a developer of educational content solutions. The executive serves as Executive Chairman of both companies, mentoring the companies’ CEOs and spearheading add-on acquisitions.