Deal Advisors

Partnerships with accomplished, hard-to-reach executives who provide differentiation in competitive processes

In an increasingly competitive deal environment, Notch clients gain an edge on the “right” deals and spend less time pursuing the “wrong” ones. We take time to understand what our clients need to unlock each deal and then deliver the requisite talent; be it an executive ready to step in as CEO, a board-caliber leader with a strategy for transformational growth, or an operations expert to identify opportunities for increased efficiency.

Case Study: Deal Advisors

Branded Beauty Products Competitive Auction


One of the largest and oldest independent private equity firms with global presence and deep sector expertise


Former CEO of a $1B revenue prestige, omni-channel beauty brand with ~ 20 years of branded beauty experience


Interested in branded beauty, our client asked us to help them build a network of relevant executive advisors. When a prestige beauty brand came to market a year later, two Notch-introduced advisors contributed to diligence by providing valuable insight regarding the competitive landscape, growth opportunities, and valuation. That insight, along with willingness of another Notch-introduced executive to assume the CEO role post-close, positioned our client for success in a competitive auction process.


Notch’s client completed the acquisition, and the company is performing well under the leadership of the new CEO.