“Notch Partners has been an important partner in helping me navigate the world of private equity. Through Notch, I had the opportunity to engage with a number of top-tier funds. Notch clearly understands how to bring executives and investors together to drive deal sourcing for successful outcomes.”

Paul Sturman, President & CEO, The Nature’s Bounty Co.; Former President, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Pfizer, Inc.

“Notch Partners continues to exceed our expectations with the executive talent and insight they provide. Their creativity and resourcefulness have been instrumental in helping us to build uniquely qualified management teams at our portfolio companies. Notch has been an indispensable thought partner in every search we’ve done with them, and we trust their judgement and professionalism implicitly. Having come through for us in several challenging searches, they are our go-to search resource for C-level executives.”

Chaoran Jin, Managing Director, Keystone Capital

“Notch was a valuable partner in my transition from running a business into the world of advisory and board work.  Their knowledge of the private equity space, personal advice, and depth of their partner network played an important role in making this change a successful one.”

Court Carruthers Former Group President, W. W. Grainger, Inc.

“Notch Partners is truly unique in their ability to be strategic and trusted advisors to private equity firms and CEOs.  Their industry expertise and many years of deal experience across multiple sectors enables their people to facilitate and intermediate between PE firms and operating executives in a truly differentiated way, not just on a transactional basis, but over the long-term.  I would recommend Notch to any CEO trying to navigate the world of private equity.”

Kathy Tierney Former Executive Vice Chairman and CEO, Sur La Table

“I was retired and engaged in some board work when I received an introductory e-mail from Notch Partners, asking if I was interested in doing some work in the private equity area. I was not too familiar with private equity, since throughout my career I had dealt primarily with investment bankers. Notch Partners persuaded me to speak with a few of their clients and helped me to cultivate some strong business relationships. The experience has been both financially and intellectually rewarding. They have also done an excellent job of matching me with firms I have truly enjoyed working with. Mei-Mei Tuan and her firm are people you want to know if you are looking for work in private equity or if you are a private equity firm that is looking for good talent. Mei-Mei and her team have built a very successful business that services private equity. She knows what she is doing, takes a personal interest in her executives and has a great sense of humor to boot.”

Brad Alford Former Chairman and CEO, Nestlé USA

“Over the years I’ve interacted with members of the Notch team on multiple PE-related situations.  Recently Notch placed me into my role as CEO of Crossmark, a Warburg Pincus portfolio company. Notch acts as a high touch, transparent, and strategically focused advisor to their CEOs as well as their PE clients.  They are thoughtful and thorough in their approach, while being accessible and personable in their interactions.  Perhaps most important, they are discreet and demonstrate a high degree of integrity in their relationships.”

Steve Schuckenbrock CEO, Crossmark

“Notch approaches CEO relationship building with unmatched levels of creativity and responsiveness. They have helped us to bring world-class CEO talent to bear on every aspect of our investment process, from deal sourcing, to due diligence, to company building.”

CVC Capital Partners

“As a private equity firm focused on making proprietary investments, we value Notch’s resourcefulness and creativity in developing deal opportunities through executive relationships. Notch is truly unique in its ability not only to source executives, but also to create interesting and relevant deal ideas, or develop unique management angles on our own deals. Notch’s boutique approach sets them apart from other firms, where interactions can be episodic, transactional or arms-length in nature. Our work with Notch is highly strategic and deeply integrated into our business.”

Trilantic Capital Partners

“Working closely with Notch Partners has added a new dimension to our business. We depend on Notch to get an early leg-up in deal situations and introduce us to executives who can add value during the pre- and post- acquisition phases. Their executives have helped us get smart on industries, companies and specific situations and, as a result, we have become more efficient and effective on a wider variety of transactions.”

AEA Investors

“In the 10-plus years we’ve worked with Notch, we have valued the introductions they have made. They’ve served as an effective network expander allowing us to gain access to executives that have led to new deals, better insights during diligence, and enhanced management talent at our portfolio companies.”

Thomas J. Pryma Partner, AEA Investors LP

“Given my background, the private-equity business seemed like a natural fit for the next chapter of my life—but it was unfamiliar territory. Notch Partners provided more than introductions; they offered perspective.”

Michael O. Leavitt Executive Chairman, Leavitt Partners, LLC Secretary, United States Department of Health and Human Services (2005-2009) Administrator, United States Environmental Protection Agency (2003-2005) Governor of Utah (1993-2003)

“Mei-Mei and Andy are consistently able to bring us extraordinary talent that fits with just the expertise we are looking for.”

David Mussafer, Managing Partner and Co-Chair of Executive Committee, Advent International Corp

“High caliber, pedigreed smart people … harder working than anyone else in the market.”

Mike Farrell CEO, Roofing Supply Group

“In these days of massive organizations and mass production, it is rare to get personal attention. Working with Notch Partners, one is immediately struck by the attention provided by them. The meetings are always relaxed and leisurely; encouraging detailed discussions and exploring all relevant aspects. Mei-Mei’s focus on and patience in ensuring the right fit between the individual and the employer is genuine and commendable. Notch Partners clearly demonstrates all the positives that come to mind when one thinks of a high-end boutique operation.”

Arun Maheshwari Founder & President, Infinite Realty Ventures and RisingSun Ventures Former Founder, Group President & CEO, Fiserv GLOBAL Services

“Notch is unique, thoughtful and knowledgeable in the way they assist private equity firms—they add tremendous value to the business.”

Robert C. Cullen Former CEO, Veritext 

“Notch takes time to truly understand and then to coach the individual. Of course, working with Notch requires an investment of time. But the return on this investment is solid professional career advice and a keen identification of the appropriate executive for each private-equity opportunity.”

Bob Livonius President Strategic Workforce Solutions, AMN Healthcare

“Notch Partners leverages their business backgrounds to understand executive experiences and make meaningful connections with their private-equity clients. Given the multifaceted and inherently short-term nature of private equity situations, I fully expect to engage with Notch in multiple ways throughout my career. It is always a pleasure to interact with the professionals at Notch Partners. They are not only knowledgeable about their business but fun and engaging. More importantly, they are straightforward and honest people.”

Frank Petrilli Former President & CEO, Nexxar GROUP

“Notch provided me invaluable guidance and counsel as I considered many options both in and outside of private equity. Though Notch is compensated by their private-equity clients, I always felt that their advice and assistance were unbiased and had my best interests in mind. I view Notch as an important resource in my career decision making and would recommend Notch to any CEO considering a role in private equity.”

Rich Conti CEO, ICU Eyewear, Inc.

“I found Notch to be extremely professional during our search process. They were thorough and understood our needs not only from a functional/leadership angle, but also from a business perspective. More importantly, they took the time and effort to identify an ideal executive who was truly the right fit. The overall engagement, including a highly informative referencing process, was well done. In the end, we had a successful outcome and would use them again.”

David Penrice CEO, Aqua Capital Management LP

“After 20-plus years as an operating executive, I was looking to connect with private equity. Notch Partners proved an invaluable resource. Acting as my trusted advisor, they connected me to a firm that most suited my needs, and I am now a CEO-in-residence and operating advisor for North Castle Partners. Notch Partners offers executives a unique opportunity to connect with private-equity sponsors as they navigate through what is often unfamiliar territory.”

Jane Pemberton CEO & Founder, Carefree Foodies CEO-in-Residence, North Castle Partners: Former Division President, Gaiam, Inc.

“As an experienced private-equity-backed CEO and entrepreneur, I can confidently say that few firms provide the level of strategic thinking and hands-on assistance that Notch does for CEOs looking to partner with private equity. Over the years, I have found Notch not only to be knowledgeable on many aspects of private equity, but also to have a profound understanding of what it takes to create value in an enterprise. Their advice has always been insightful and valuable. I look forward to deepening our relationship across multiple private equity-oriented situations down the road.”

Erik Vonk Founder & CEO BOTH, LLC Former Chairman & CEO of Gevity HR, Inc.

“I found Notch’s business model to be unique and valuable. The firm not only has embedded relationships with core buyout clients, but it also develops meaningful partnerships with deal-oriented CEOs.”

Bob Caulk Chairman of the Board, Bushnell Outdoor Products Former President and CEO, Spectrum Brands

“It has and continues to be a professional pleasure to work with Notch Partners. Their knowledge of and experience with the service and outsourcing industries coupled with their financial acumen and ties to private equity leaders have made them indispensable in the development and pursuit of my business model.”

Jim Fagan Managing Director, Wealth Management, BNY Mellon Former President and CEO, Bowne GLOBAL Solutions

“After ElkCorp was sold to GAF, Notch Partners was instrumental in connecting me with a handful of top private equity firms. I chose to become affiliated with Advent International as an operating partner, and a few months later I helped Advent complete the acquisition of Bradco Supply. I subsequently became CEO of the company. I would strongly recommend that experienced chief executives interested in private equity seek to become part of Notch’s network.”

Tom Karol Former Chairman & CEO, Bradco Supply Corp.

“Having just begun a relationship with Notch Partners, I am tremendously impressed with them. They are extremely creative in developing opportunities and in seeing BETWEEN the lines. Notch follows up aggressively and is very responsive. I look forward to working with them in the future.”

Steven D. Goldstein Managing Director, Alvarez & Marsal, LLC. Former President, Chaycon, Inc.

“Notch Partners not only helped introduce me to the world of private equity, but also helped me to navigate through a complex deal process. The guidance and expertise they provided along the way were invaluable. I would highly recommend that any CEO with an interest in a private-equity-backed situation consider tapping into Notch’s knowledge, capabilities and network of contacts.”

Mark Pettie Former President & CEO, Prestige Brands Holdings

“For the senior executive looking to capitalize on a career of leadership experience, Notch provides a welcome alternative to the traditional job search. Notch has a thorough understanding of the ‘private equity route’ and an exhaustive list of contacts in the field of private equity. Notch is clearly an alternative and differentiator for executives while providing a critical service to private equity firms.”

Gary Rogliano Chairman & CEO, TransPacific Capital, LLC

“Notch offers distinctive value in three ways: an unmatched understanding of entrepreneurial operating executives, exceptional insight and competence to define and structure a complex career move, and a dazzling array of contacts across sectors. They know whom to call and whom you should call.”

C.J. Kettler Founder / CEO, Genius Crowds Former CEO, Lime and Travelzoo

“Notch has introduced us to numerous deal-capable executives in relevant industries; several have come with proprietary transactions. Their partners’ unique backgrounds equip them to identify quickly and evaluate entrepreneurial executives who can lead a deal to closing.”

Harvest Partners

“They have some very high-level connections to some great PE firms and their specific teams and decision makers as well as their portfolio companies. They can make things happen for an executive with a vision, a plan and proven record of success.”

Bruce L. Weitz, Executive, Formerly President & CEO Kings Supermarkets

“Notch Partners, specifically Judy, are terrific….exceeded my expectations. True to her word, great sense of style, very connected. Great combination for a C-suite executive. I would highly recommend Notch.”

Ben Mondics President, Kaydon Corporation

“As a leader in executive-centric investing, an approach we trademarked as CEO1st®, Frontenac Company knows a thing or two about partnering with executives for investment success and we can say without hesitation: Notch gets it. Notch has clearly enhanced our CEO1st® Investing approach, not to mention the terrific work they have done providing us with board members and operators for our portfolio companies. Notch understands our business. We find great talent and great opportunities together. They are very responsive and very customer service oriented. They are a longtime partner. ”

Walter Florence Managing Director, Frontenac Company

“I have enjoyed my relationship with Notch on a professional and personal level. They clearly know how to work with private equity investors and understand the nuanced dynamics between PE owners and operators. Their approach is strategic, creative, and thoughtful, and as individuals, they are professional and personable. I would highly recommend Notch to any CEO seeking guidance, advice or assistance with private equity. I trust them.”

Vince Nardy Former COO and Director of Merger & Acquisitions The Scott Fetzer Company

“Notch Partners is a highly professional boutique firm that truly values the executive and their role in the success of PE deals. They trusted, informed and connected.”

Marc Navarre, President & CEO Focus Products Group International

“Thoughtful, sincerely engaged, authentic.  True matchmakers …They do what everybody else says they do.”

Douglas Thompson Formerly CEO at MedData (now partnered with Frontenac Capital)

“Since I left Old Navy, Notch Partners has been an indispensable advisor, helping me to navigate the private equity world and placing me in my Operating Partner role at Advent International. The partners at Notch are strategically-minded business thinkers with a deep understanding of private equity and access to relevant top-tier investors. Their advice and counsel have been invaluable to me and I have truly enjoyed working with them. Any CEO interested in private equity should definitely speak with Notch Partners.”

Jenny Ming Operating Partner, Advent International President & CEO, Charlotte Russe

“As I considered options in private equity, Notch understood that it was important for me to leverage not only my industry knowledge but also my interest and ability to build and grow dynamic organizations. Notch introduced me to clients whose practice needs would best match my goals and benefit from my perspective and experience.”

Ross Pillari U.S. Advisory Board, CVC Capital Partners Former Chairman & CEO, BP America, Inc.

“I first encountered Notch in 2003, when Mei-Mei approached me to work on a potential roll-up opportunity with one of Notch’s private equity clients. Since then, our discussions have broadened to include other potential private equity transactions as well as ongoing dialogue about the food industry. No matter the situation, I have always felt that Notch has provided thoughtful perspective and advice with my best interests at heart. The partners are strategic, smart and sincere, and they are well-respected by investors and executives alike. I would not hesitate to refer my colleagues and friends to Notch.”

Carl Lee President & CEO, Snyder’s-Lance, Inc.

“Mei-Mei and Andy have been valuable partners for Parthenon Capital in proactively identifying backable executives and pairing them up with interesting deal opportunities.”

Parthenon Capital

“From conceptualizing an investment thesis and developing value creation strategies to identifying investors and raising financing, Notch works closely with executives every step of the way. In today’s tough environment, partnering with Notch significantly increases the probability for an executive to get a deal done with private equity.”

Doug Atkin Portfolio Manager, Guggenheim Partners