PE firms retain Notch Partners as their trusted advisor to develop, facilitate and cultivate productive relationships with industry leaders and operators.  With Notch’s support and advice, CEOs generate investment ideas, provide company insights, and industry expertise for private equity investors – a strategic advantage, in today’s competitive deal environment.

We are your:


PE Deal Catalyst:

Notch evaluates and brings to bear industry-leading executives for specific sector or deal situations at the optimal time and manages those interactions to ensure relevance, responsiveness and appropriate follow-up and closure. We will identify, evaluate and present executives with compelling deal ideas relevant to your interests and investment parameters. PE firms often derive better insights and incremental opportunities with Notch involved because our executives infuse fresh perspectives and new angles into the process.

Idea Generator:

Building on industry expertise and competitor intelligence, we identify and introduce executives with proprietary angles for auction situations—as well as ideas for transformation, growth and other value creation opportunities. With our assistance and support, our executives look at businesses with a fresh lens, but also a discerning eye—often discovering unique value creation opportunities in deal situations for our PE clients and executives.

Strategic Matchmaker:

Industry executives and private equity investors see the world differently.  We help identify common ground, align expectations and optimize objectives to maximize the value of relationships during live deal situations or in-between active discussions.

Smart, knowledgeable, thoughtful, thorough and diligent, Notch knows the PE market and takes the time to make introductions to relevant executives at the optimal time, based on a thorough understanding of the company, deal dynamics and the executives’ capabilities, experience and career interests—not just what can be found in the media or by word-of-mouth.

Our vertical market expertise and executive network reflects C-level leaders across a range of industries, including industrials, healthcare, consumer, technology, business services and retail, to name only a few.

How Notch Works with PE Firms at a Glance

Typical PE Firm Inquiries to Notch:

“We are doing a deep dive into outsourced hospital services and would like to speak with some seasoned CEOs to get a better sense for the space and to help us identify themes and potential targets.”

“We are going to go after ABC Manufacturing Company.  We just got the book which we will send to you.  Bids are due in three weeks, and we will need some type of angle if we are going to bid.  We are not sure if we have confidence in the existing management team.”

“We are deep into discussions with ABC Manufacturing Company, looking to shed their B Division.  This is going to be messy, and we will definitely need a CEO with carve-out, integration, and growth experience to lead this operation.  Given the proprietary nature of our discussions, this is very attractive, but we will only move forward if we have the right leader.”

Typical Notch Outreach to PE firms:

“We are working with John Doe, former CEO of a $5B leading specialty chemicals manufacturer.  He believes that his former company will shed some non-core assets, and he is seeking PE backing to acquire a $200M platform and build a $1B leader in a niche category.”

“We are seeing a lot of deal activity in the retail grocery space.  We have identified and are working with a five-time retail CEO with an exceptional track record and previous experience in PE.  He would like to partner with a PE firm to evaluate some of these opportunities in the hopes of acquiring and leading a PE-backed deal.”

“Did you know that ABC Company is on the market?  Based on our internal research, we know that XXX has been retained to lead a process and that first round bids are due in three weeks.  We also have 3-5 qualified executives who can provide current industry and company intelligence as well as develop a growth strategy to triple value in the next five years.”