Notch Partners is retained on an open-ended basis by PE firms to help them with deal sourcing/origination, due diligence and/or relationship cultivation. During the course of our multi-year engagements, we act as a strategic connector, conduit and cultivator of our PE clients’ executive relationships, and we stay involved in dialogues that occur over the course of successive projects across multiple PE firms. Our focus on executive-centric deal sourcing, visionary sector leadership and executive search involves identifying and cultivating “backable” executives who are:

  • Visionary CEO-level leaders
  • Action-oriented change agents
  • Proven entrepreneurs and business builders

And whom Notch Partners can work with to:

  • Develop PE deal ideas and theses
  • Provide specific intelligence or subject matter expertise on industries, companies and people
  • Validate business plans, models and strategies
  • Provide longer term assistance as operator or board member

Notch is committed to helping executives establish a productive and sensible approach to interacting and working with private equity firms.  We will help you to understand, navigate and succeed in the world of private equity.