Case Study: Executive Search

Biotech Company Preparing for IPO


Healthcare-focused specialized asset management firm providing companies with creative financing solutions

Notch Executive Placements

6 board members, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information Officer


Notch’s client was the largest institutional investor in a biotech and molecular diagnostics company with technologies spanning women’s health, oncology, and precision medicine. In preparation for an IPO, our client and the company’s CEO hired us to help them build out an independent board.


Notch curated a team of five independent board members optimizing for both diversity, equity and inclusion AND skillset/expertise. Impressed with our understanding of the company and ability to deliver top talent, the CEO hired us to recruit a CFO and CIO, both of whom have proven invaluable members of the senior executive team. With the help of the board and senior leaders, the company successfully completed a cross-over round and subsequent IPO.