Why Notch

Our Approach

As trusted and retained advisors to private equity, we employ a laser-like focus on identifying and facilitating the most relevant executives for our clients at just the right time. Every day we are expanding our network of backable C-level executives to stimulate our clients’ thinking and to support their initiatives.

What is Notch?  We are:


A PE Deal Catalyst

Notch is a source and manager of strategic relationships between our PE clients and industry leaders. Working together, we generate investment ideas, give company insights and provide marketplace expertise—making us a PE deal catalyst.

An Idea Generator

By infusing fresh perspective and interesting angles into the deal process, PE firms often derive better insights and incremental opportunities with Notch involved.

A Strategic Matchmaker

Smart, knowledgeable, thoughtful, thorough and diligent, Notch knows the PE market and takes the time to make introductions to the right C-level executives at the right time, based on a thorough understanding of the company, deal dynamics and the executives capabilities, experience and career interests—not just what can be found in the media or by word-of-mouth.

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Our Services

Each of our retained clients approaches deals and executives differently.  While we tailor our work for each private equity firm, Notch’s comprehensive, executive-centric services, can be segmented into four areas:

From deal sourcing/origination and due diligence to portfolio search and relationship cultivation, Notch Partners adds value from the beginning to completion of a deal and beyond. We evaluate and bring to bear industry-leading executives for specific sector or deal situations at the optimal time, and manage those interactions to ensure relevance, responsiveness and appropriate closure.


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