Client Results

Notch turns executive relationships into actionable initiatives and tangible results—for PE clients as well as executives. Below is a small sampling of client results enabled by Notch Partners.


Mini Case Studies:


Acquisition of an Oilfield and Gas Equipment and Services Company

Client was interested in oilfield and gas equipment and services. Notch introduced the former CEO of a global leader in the development, manufacture, sale and service of drilling products and technology. Notch facilitated a relationship between executive and client. The executive became an operating partner. Within a year, the executive led client’s acquisition of a leading provider of drilling fluid treatment and recovery solutions. The executive went on to serve on the company’s board of directors.

Take Private of Specialty Fashion Retailer

Notch worked alongside former apparel CEO to develop her vision to build a fashion retail business. With Notch’s assistance, the executive identified a platform and selected a Notch Partners client as her sponsor. Together, our PE client and the executive took this company private via a 100% equity deal. Executive took over as CEO. Post-closing, Notch provided management team assessment and support.

Buy and Build of Roofing Distributor

Based on client’s long-standing interest in building products, Notch introduced the former CEO of a leading distributor, and cultivated the relationship between this executive and our PE client over a two-year period. The executive tapped his deep industry contacts to facilitate over a dozen acquisition/integration deals in roofing distribution and built a team largely of former colleagues. He ran the company as CEO/chairman, and sold the company in a very successful exit for our PE client.

Acquisition of Litigation Support Services Platform

Notch worked with a former CEO/industry veteran to develop a deal thesis to build a horizontally integrated “superstore” of litigation support services for law firms and general counsels. Notch helped the executive develop a list of potential platforms and introduced him to our PE client. In partnership with our PE client, this executive approached a leading deposition services company; our PE client acquired the company in a limited auction process and placed the sourcing executive on the Board. Notch subsequently conducted a CEO search post-closing.

Roll Up of Fitness Chain Franchise Management Team

A PE client engaged Notch to help build out an executive team for a recently acquired family-owned fitness center franchise, with the investment thesis of creating a solid platform and acquiring additional chains as well as building greenfield centers. Within a few months, Notch identified and helped bring on board a chief financial officer, a chief operating officer, a VP of Marketing and an outside board member, who was a CEO with significant franchise growth experience. With a solid team in place, the platform is now ready to acquire and integrate companies at an expected rate of growth exceeding 5X in less than five years.

Carve-out of Coatings Business

PE client approached Notch with a desire to develop a competitive edge in terms of access and intelligence on the carve-out of a coatings business. Notch introduced a former P&L divisional head and strategic advisor to the CEO, who then played a key role in guiding a strategic review of the business and cultivating a relationship with the seller to culminate in a transaction exceeding $1B.

Acquisition of Hospitalist Company

Notch cultivated a dialogue with former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, who had limited exposure to PE. Notch helped client form a deep, strategic relationship with this executive: he subsequently joined a portfolio board, consulted on the acquisition of the business, and developed a comprehensive, ongoing healthcare deal sourcing and evaluation process.

Construction Materials Distribution Business CEO

After the sudden departure of a long-standing founder/CEO, Notch was engaged to identify and help hire a replacement CEO immediately. The second-generation owner/CEO lacked management and leadership bandwidth, and numerous tenured insiders fostered a dysfunctional management culture that hindered implementation of critical business process and systems improvements. Based on an extensive and thorough organization-wide assessment of the executive team, Notch recruited a proven and seasoned CEO who successfully managed the delicate transition from the owner to ensure uninterrupted business operations.